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2022-04-09 - Aaron Stewart wrote: I'm looking for information about or family members of the 66th Infantry Division, 262nd Infantry Regiment, Company L. My grandfather, Alexander W. Erickson served in that Company. He was not on the Leopoldville. He was wounded twice but survived the war.

2021-11-23 - Sam L wrote: Hey, I'm looking to find some info on my grandfather. One Richard A. Meyer Cpl., 66th Infantry, 871st Field Artillery. I'm trying to find out where he served, I know the general area of the 66th operations but I can't find much about his battalion.

2021-09-14 - Robert M Holtzclaw, Jr wrote: Looking for information about my father. T5 Robert Holtzclaw. Medic, C Company, 366th Medical, 66th Infantry

2021-06-02 - HeidiMarie wrote: Hello - I'm trying to find information and photos about my cousin, Clarence M. Suntinger. He was from St. Louis, Missouri. He died on the SS Leopoldville and his body was never found. Thank you - Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

2021-01-24 - Jeri wrote: I am researching a cousin who served in the 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division(please excuse my ignorance if this isn’t put in appropriately; just copying as it is listed on one of the records I have found). Walter J. P. Klein received a posthumous Bronze Star on Dec 12, 1944 for action on Nov 14, 1944 in France. I would appreciate any help on troop movement and engagement on Nov 14, 1944. Walter was not married and had no children. I want to make sure this hero is remembered in my family’s genealogy. TIA

2020-09-11 - Andrea Rhodes wrote: I found a picture of H Co., 263rd Inf., Panther Division, Camp Robinson, ARK Dec. 1943. I don't recognize anyone as both my father (McCallum 1918-1999) and my mother's brothers (Mickelsen) served in the Armed Services. If you would like the picture (it really is a treasure!), please e-mail your address and I will forward the picture to you. If someone does not claim it, I am afraid it will be trashed after I am gone (1946 - _____). Andrea Rhodes

H Co., 263rd Inf., Panther Division, Camp Robinson, ARK Dec. 1943

2020-05-04 - Mary Jones wrote: I am trying to find some information on my father, Lester Wilkum from Wisconsin. Trained at Fort Sill, OK 1942- 1943. Fought in New Guinea and Philippines. 158th Infantry Regimental Combat, 2nd Battalion. I dont think that was the Bushmasters because they were from AZ.

2020-01-10 - Alan Tabachnick wrote: I am trying to find out any information I can about my father-in-law, Benjamin Leven, who was in the 264th, I Company, and was on the Leopoldville and survived. He passed away in 2011 and I seem to be the family genealogist, and I have very little on his military activities other than the Leopoldville horror and then a general statement that he was in Europe for a while. Would love to hear if anyone has any records that mention him, or anything on I Company activities, lists, etc. Thanks very much!

2020-01-02 - Amber Searcy wrote: My Grandfather Robert (Bob) Story served in WWII, he was in the 66th Infantry Black Panther Divison, 264th Battalion...I have some pictures of my grandfather over seas but am looking for more. He was on the Leopoldville when it was torpedoed, then served at Lorient then St. Nazaire...any additional pictures would be much appreciated. Thanks again

2019-12-20 - Justin Unger wrote: My grand-father served in this unit and we have very little information regarding his service. I know it is a long shot, but...anyone know Edward C. Unger from St. Louis, MO?

2019-08-28 - Harold Shull wrote: 2019-03-19 - diane davis spaht bourn: In answer to your post I have checked my book listing members of the 66th Infantry Division by state and did not find a DELMAR DAVIS. Possibly there are many not listed, but I did not find him. Good Luck in your search.

2019-08-12 - Charlie Cockerline wrote: Hello everyone: I am researching the WW2 service of my 4th cousin S Sgt Thomas R. Cockerline who shipped aboard the HMT Cheshire across English Channel to France in Dec. 1944 as part of the US 66th Infantry Division, 263 Regiment, Company A. I would appreciate any assistance I can get in my continuing research into my soldier's career during his time in the St. Nazaire Pocket. Cheers! Charlie

2019-06-21 - Kathleen O'Brien-Blair wrote: Replying to Diane Davis Spaht Bourn:

Diane, I believe he was a member of the 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion who were involved in the Battle of the Parroy Forrest in September of 1944 as part of the Alsatian push to the Rhine. That is indeed Northern France. See this Facebook page:

And this Facebook page:

2019-06-07 - timothy kittle wrote: searching for info on members of 376th PFAB 82nd AB during WWII

2019-03-19 - diane davis spaht bourn wrote: I have several clear pictures of my father in uniform that shows an arm patch clearly the frontal face of a blank panther. He was in a tank division. I have pictures that have places written on the back some of the places he was. one taken at the Elbe river in May 1945, one at a hotel Eagerderinof in Pontrinsinia and several in Ettlingen, Germany in 1946. I think? he was in charge of Company D or at least I have a picture of his tank that has my Name Diane on it. I believe he told me that late in the war they liberated camps. He ended up in Antwerp, Belgium in hospital with Jaundice when he could go back to America. Through some of my search I believe he could have been in the US Army Tank Destroyer Battalion Black cat Fighting fought in Northern France in 1943-45?. He had no middle name so research has been very hard. My dad was Delmar Davis from Belleville Illinois but was in Texas when he went into the service. Does anyone have any additional information?

2019-01-07 - ashley kelly wrote: my friend is {lt.col. Gordon "gordy" Smith} he was in the 941st airforce from !954_82. he knows nothing of these computers so i am doing him a small gift of looking up sum things of his past if you are r reading this and know anything please get ahold of me we are in washington atate and he is very alone thank you....

2018-05-10 - Greg wrote: After nearly six years a relative of a vet has contacted me for pictures of a Pantherman I posted info on your board CDJewell. She is doing the genealogy of her family.

Time is irrelevant.

2018-03-29 - Fisseau Alexa wrote: Hello,My name is Alexa, I am the granddaughter of Etienne Mansart, French soldier who was in Quiberon during the second world war. I am very much interested in your website and photo album. I found 39 pictures on your website but I could not see my grand father. Do you have by any chance pictures of the "2nd bataillion from Vendôme"? If you have any other pictures from this area I would be grateful as I lost my grand father 6 years ago and talking about htis time was very tough for him. My mum has got hundred of letters her wrote to my grandma. He are trying to trace all his steps during the wartime between Vendome in the Loir et Cher and Quiberon. Your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Alexa

2018-01-05 - David Pochedley wrote: My Dad, Joseph Michael Pochedley from Cleveland Ohio recently passed on 12/30/17 in Danridge Tenn. I wonder if anyone remebers him Company H 262 Reg. weapons platoon

2017-12-19 - Jon Wilson wrote: My Dad was an officer on the USS Cheshire that night and I was told that grain alcohol was “broken out” from the Medical and ultimately the USS Cheshire ran aground and the Captain was Court Marshaled, but no displinary action was taken against any of the officers of the 66th due to the losses from the sinking of the Leopold. My Dad was James A. Wilson II and he passed in 11/1998. He was a medic.


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