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Jewell-Lin Family History   Jewell-Lin Family History 34 photos 
  An assortment of photos that document (in random fashion) the history of the Jewell and Lin families.

Pickles   Pickles 16 photos 
  It didn't take Janice and me much time to become parents. On October 8, 2005, just two weeks after after our wedding ceremony, Pickles entered our lives.

A Random Assortment of Photos   A Random Assortment of Photos 46 photos 
  Someday I'll organize these photos into multiple, logical collections. But until such time, this series will remain a repository for various photos with no series to call their own.

Lai Tung Mui   Lai Tung Mui 46 photos 
  This growing collection of photos allows Janice's father, Lai Tai To, to get a feel for his daughter's life and experiences half a world away.

Marc Ribaudo's Tribute Video to Dad   Marc Ribaudo's Tribute Video to Dad 14 photos 
  You've seen the tribute video. Now take a closer look at the amusing images that Marc created.

Wedding Reception Brunch   Wedding Reception Brunch 73 photos 
  While Janice and I were legally wed on July 22, 2005, it wasn't until two months later, on September 24, that we finally celebrated with friends and family. (My thanks to Mom, Anna and Andrew, Eric Gushee, Ernesto and Trina Arzaga, Kenneth Chau, and Hyong Kim for taking and sharing your photos with me.)

Toys in the Garage   Toys in the Garage 25 photos 
  At the risk of looking wretchedly shallow and materialistic, a photo series dedicated to the cars and motorcycles I've owned over the years.

Qin-Qin   Qin-Qin 30 photos 
  In February 2003, my brother, Andrew, and his then girlfriend Anna Corfield adopted a cat from a DC animal shelter. I imagine Qin-Qin (which means "kiss" in Chinese) will be the subject of many photographs in the years to come.

Getting Married in Arlington, Virginia   Getting Married in Arlington, Virginia 16 photos 
  On July 22, in a small civil ceremony attended by my parents, my brother and his wife, and my best friend, I married Janice Lai.

Getting Engaged in Columbus, Ohio   Getting Engaged in Columbus, Ohio 20 photos 
  On July 2, with a little help from the band Augustana, I proposed to my girlfriend of nearly four years, Janice Lai.

Inaugural Spout Run Terrace Cookout   Inaugural Spout Run Terrace Cookout 21 photos 
  On June 25, 2005, a dozen or so homeowners got together at the SRT grill area, raw meats at the ready, to christen our newly installed outdoor grill.

Memorial Weekend 2005 Dinner   Memorial Weekend 2005 Dinner 10 photos 
  Andrew's friend David Frey (whose last-minute business trip in September 2001 led to my meeting Janice for the first time) came out to Fairfax with his wife Helen, their baby Kyla, and Helen's parents for a scrumptious Mom-made dinner.

Boonies House Party   Boonies House Party 6 photos 
  When the parents are in Mexico, the children will play. Photos from Riffat and Enayet's June 4 house party. Per the Evite, Janice and I arrived dressed like rednecks. We were the only ones that got the messsage.

A Farewell to ASI   A Farewell to ASI 35 photos 
  On April 8, 2005, just two months shy of my six-year anniversary, I logged off my ASI workstation for the last time and celebrated my resignation with current and former co-workers at Coastal Flats restaurant.

El Cumpleaños de Juan Escalada   El Cumpleaños de Juan Escalada 24 photos 
  On April 23, 2005, Janice and I helped Juan celebrate his 30th birthday. We joined his many friends, family, classmates and co-workers at a Hawaiian-themed party at his swanky new DC apartment.

ASI Holiday Party 2005   ASI Holiday Party 2005 21 photos 
  Photos from ASI's (no more Active Matter) casino-themed holiday party held on January 15 at the Grand Atrium in Tysons Corner once again.

ASI Yankee Gift Exchange 2005   ASI Yankee Gift Exchange 2005 35 photos 
  Another holiday season, another company gift exchange. And for the second time in four exchanges, I stole my own gift: U2's new How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb CD/DVD.

Food, Folks, and Fun   Food, Folks, and Fun 16 photos 
  An ASI conference in Rosslyn on December 7, 2004, was a perfect opportunity to have some current co-workers and one former co-worker over for dinner and after-dinner gaming.

Deeeee Ceeeee Uuuuunited!!!!!   Deeeee Ceeeee Uuuuunited!!!!! 13 photos 
  Photos from an assortment of games and events featuring Washington's only sports franchise with a winning tradition: DC United -- Major League Soccer's Black and Red.

Halloween 2004   Halloween 2004 33 photos 
  Photos from the Malhotras' annual shindig, ASI's Halloween lunch and pumpkin carving contest, and a costume party at the State Theater in Falls Church.

J'aime le Connard   J'aime le Connard 16 photos 
  Marc Ribaudo, a longtime friend from Paris, arrived in the US on September 16, 2004 to attend my brother Andrew's wedding. He stayed for a week with Janice and me and kept us entertained the whole time.

Keane at the 9:30 Club   Keane at the 9:30 Club 10 photos 
  On September 28, 2004, Janice and I enjoyed a sold-out performance by the British trio Keane at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

World War II Memorial   World War II Memorial 17 photos 
  On a beautiful spring Saturday, I took my parents downtown to see the new World War II Memorial on the Mall ahead of its official dedication on May 29, 2004.

Richard Camp Jewell –  Celebrating 80 Years   Richard Camp Jewell – Celebrating 80 Years 49 photos 
  On April 10, 2004, 70 family members, friends, former colleagues, and neighbors descended on the Fairfax home to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. My brother Andrew and I put together a retrospective slide show for the occasion, which has been reproduced here.

Freddy! Freddy! Freddy!   Freddy! Freddy! Freddy! 16 photos 
  24,603 fans (including the Jewells, Anna Corfield, Ernesto Arzaga, Eric Magruder, and Danny Bui) filled the lower deck of RFK Stadium to capacity to attend DC United's home opener against the San Jose Earthquakes and witness the pro debut of the 14-year-old phenom, Freddy Adu.

Happy Valentine's Day, Janice!   Happy Valentine's Day, Janice! 25 photos 
  A long overdue series dedicated to my girlfriend of two years, Janice Lai. Hopefully my timing will make up for the delay.

Active Matter/ASI Holiday Party 2004   Active Matter/ASI Holiday Party 2004 12 photos 
  Photos from Active Matter Fairfax and ASI Alexandria's January 10 holiday party at the Grand Atrium in Tysons Corner.

New Year's Eve 2004   New Year's Eve 2004 8 photos 
  New Year's Eve was a cozy affair this year, with my brother Andrew and fiancée Anna, Andrew Chiou, my co-worker Linh Luong and I gathering at Danny Bui's house to ring in 2004.

Halloween Party at the Malhotra's 2003   Halloween Party at the Malhotra's 2003 31 photos 
  After a one-year absence, the costumed festivities returned to the home of Active Matter's VP of Software Development.

Active Matter Halloween Lunch 2003   Active Matter Halloween Lunch 2003 15 photos 
  To celebrate Halloween, my company had a pizza party and pumpkin carving contest. As there were only three entrants, my Bart Simpson was guaranteed either a win, place, or show.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Programmer   All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Programmer 42 photos 
  To break up the left-brain monotony of coding, some of us at Active Matter exercise our right brain and connect with our inner child by posing and playing with toys.

Marcus and Andrea's Wedding/Niagara Falls   Marcus and Andrea's Wedding/Niagara Falls 38 photos 
  Photos from Marcus Mickney and Andrea Mendola's October 3, 2003 wedding and reception in Buffalo, New York, and a visit to Niagara with Eric Magruder and Hyong Kim the following day.

Quebec Vacation Summer 2003   Quebec Vacation Summer 2003 122 photos 
  On August 4, Janice Lai and I headed north in a Miata packed to the welds with grand plans to complete my 1996 cross-country motorcycle tour by visiting Quebec and the Maritime Provinces ...

66th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop in France   66th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop in France 39 photos 
  Photos taken by my father, Richard C. Jewell, and others between January and May 1945, when he and his troop were stationed in Carnac Plage, Brittany, at the head of the Quiberon Peninsula.

Presidents' Day Weekend Blizzard   Presidents' Day Weekend Blizzard 23 photos 
  Photos from the aftermath of the Noreaster that pummeled the East Coast, dumping nearly two feet of snow on the Washington region.

July 4th Barbecue/Eric's Belated Birthday   July 4th Barbecue/Eric's Belated Birthday 8 photos 
  Eric Magruder and I joined Marcus Mickney, Andrea Mendoa, and Andrea's sister Monica for an Independence Day feast. We also celebrated Eric's 34th birthday -- unforgivably overlooked one week earlier.

Groundhog Day 2003   Groundhog Day 2003 48 photos 
  Well, it's Groundhog Day, again, and that can only mean one thing: five of us made the trek to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where we stood in the cold for hours, waiting to bear witness to the brief sunrise ceremony.

Billy Goat Trail Hike   Billy Goat Trail Hike 16 photos 
  His beach plans rained out, Juan Escalada coordinated an activity-packed Memorial Day weekend in the DC area. I joined him, his brother Borja, and former co-worker Ben Morris for a Saturday morning hike.

Four Motorcycles, Three Doctors   Four Motorcycles, Three Doctors 10 photos 
  My 2003 Yamaha R6 was barely two days old when I stretched her legs on a 100-mile Memorial Day ride through Maryland and Virginia with two dentists and a neurosurgeon.

The Many Faces of Lula   The Many Faces of Lula 21 photos 
  Photos of Marcus Mickney and Andrea Mendola's new Pug, Lula, and their new home in Mt. Vernon, Alexandria.

Enayet Rasul's 27th Birthday   Enayet Rasul's 27th Birthday 10 photos 
  Scenes from co-worker Enayet's karaoke celebration at Rock It Grill (voted smokiest bar in Virginia three straight years) in Old Town, Alexandria, February 8, 2003.

Kamen Rider ... Kick!   Kamen Rider ... Kick! 5 photos 
  Per my brother Andrew's request, five photos from Christmas 1973 in Okinawa, Japan, when our mother gave us handsewn Kamen Rider costumes. Kamen Rider was a motorcycle-riding superhero, second only to Ultraman in popularity.

Christmas Eve Helicopter Flight   Christmas Eve Helicopter Flight 20 photos 
  Shortly after Janice Lai's arrival, high school chum and successful neurosurgeon Andrew Chiou introduced us to his latest hobby: piloting helicopters.

Active Matter Yankee Gift Exchange 2002   Active Matter Yankee Gift Exchange 2002 38 photos 
  My company held its annual gift exchange December 12, with nearly 40 employees participating. I walked away with a bottle of Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur.

USA v. El Salvador   USA v. El Salvador 10 photos 
  Another rainy day in Washington, another soccer game at RFK stadium -- this time an international friendly and the first match for the US squad since their quarterfinal run at the World Cup.

Eric and Michele's Pumpkin Carving Party   Eric and Michele's Pumpkin Carving Party 14 photos 
  Eri Tatsui and I were the sole Active Matter representatives at co-worker Eric Gushee and girlfriend Michele Lee's 2002 potluck dinner and pumpkin carving party, held this year at their new apartment in Kensington, Maryland.

Marcus and Andrea Post-Proposal   Marcus and Andrea Post-Proposal 5 photos 
  Traffic on I-66 prevented me from arriving at the Jefferson Memorial in time to capture Marcus Mickney on bended knee, offering his heart and a diamond ring to Andrea Mendola on October 25, 2002.

Kerry and Scott's Wedding   Kerry and Scott's Wedding 22 photos 
  Eri Tatsui, Jesse, and I drove down to Richmond on September 14, 2002 to attend the wedding of Kerry Rogers and Active Matter co-worker Scott Baldridge.

Eri vs. Juan vs. Chris in Jenga   Eri vs. Juan vs. Chris in Jenga 6 photos 
  On August 27, 2002, Eri Tatsui, Juan Escalada, and I got together to celebrate Eri's 25th birthday. After dinner and ice cream, we went back to my apartment for an intense game of Jenga.

Bretton Woods Soccer Tournament   Bretton Woods Soccer Tournament 12 photos 
  15 of us from the Sunday pick-up crowd formed a team and entered a tournament at the Bretton Woods Country Club August 24-25, 2002. In four games we were stomped on, stormed on, and ultimately finished last.

Something Tells Me It's All Happening at the Zoo   Something Tells Me It's All Happening at the Zoo 14 photos 
  On a hot and muggy Saturday afternoon in June, Janice Lai and I spent a few hours at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Memorial Day Weekend 2002   Memorial Day Weekend 2002 23 photos 
  The first weekend after Janice Lai arrived from Hong Kong for a month-long visit, we drove down to North Carolina to visit the Parkers and camp out on the Outer Banks.

USA v. Uruguay   USA v. Uruguay 14 photos 
  To celebrate Mother's Day, May 12, 2002, 7 of us (Mom, Dad, Andrew, Anna Corfield, Eric Magruder, Gene Huh, and I) met at RFK Stadium to watch this "Nike Road to Korea" international friendly. The US won 2-1.

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